Bluebird Candle Co. Candles, Soaps & Lotions

Bluebird Candle Co. was founded on the basis of producing fragrant, tangible products of the highest quality to be enjoyed in your home.

Our clean burning soy wax candles with crackling wood wicks will create an inviting atmosphere in any room.  Choose from botanicals, spices & herb, foods and holiday favorite fragrances. Escape to the pleasures and simplicity of country living with Bluebird Candles.


Our artisan natural soaps and lotions are hand blended here at the Bluebird using our original formulas composed of premium plant-based oils. The ingredients we’ve chosen make for a very rich and luxurious soap. Our best selling Shea Butter Lotions work wonders for people with dry to very dry skin.




Large Candles - Burn time 75+ hours; Small candle - Burn time 50+ hours
Soaps are for normal to dry skin unless otherwise stated